Six brands for a perfect touch

We are continuously looking for new products in order to bring innovative ideas to our customers. With this mindset, Finaspan has developed until today 6 brands:






The Final Touch®

Driven by the beauty of our customers' creations, our veneer boards are produced with the greatest care. Finaspan has as well managed to leverage its extensive knowledge of the woodworking craft to combine it with industrial processes.
This allows us to guarantee a continuous high quality that meets the perfect finishing of the creations of our customers.

Each brand has its specificities. While Aranya, Wood-U-Feel and Waves stand for high quality "ready to work" veneer boards, is Masterflex a veneer sheet that can answer the most creative ideas. Wood-4-Ever puts the massive character of wood to the front and The Final Touch leaves the lacquer finishing to us, enabling you to spend time on other parts of your project.

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