Aranya is a new concept in veneered board which combines economy and ecology: All components of Aranya are chosen in consideration of their fully proven neutral impact on the environment. Furthermore, the production of Aranya is industrial and guarantees the highest standards of quality for the best price. Aranya is, as well, synonym of beauty: high quality veneer stained in trendy colors that will bring the perfect atmosphere to your creations. Aranya is the panel of the 21st Century, the board of the future, the ultimate solution regarding veneered boards.

Put your first order through and discover the advantages of Aranya:

  • a sumptuous decor
  • a higher quality finish
  • an unbeatable price for the full package: panel + finishing
  • a product even more envinronmentally friendly


Everything started 4000 years ago: in those early times and at the beginning of our civilisation, wise and erudite men have invented the basic principles of life in society. Among these, forest conservation, source of life and abundance, was in good consideration. Long before today's environmentalists, they had put in writing rules of good behaviour with regard to forest management, preaching a delicate balance between production, conservation, and religion. These rules were consigned in holy books which have crossed the centuries: the Vedas, the Ramayana, and the Aranyakas.

These wise men were speaking Sanskrit, the forest was their universe and they were calling it...Aranya!

With the intention to honour them, we decided to call our product Aranya: because our concern for the environment is unalterable and because it is often useful to follow the advice of the Ancients on all matters of life, whether spiritual or material