What you feel is what you get

Close your eyes and rest your hand on the wood. Let your fingers run over its surface, cherish the feel of the grain and imagine this tree growing slowly to become a master of the forest. This is exactly the feeling you will get with Wood-U-Feel.

Wood-U-Feel are real wood panels whose structure is emphasized thanks to a high technological process. The veneered panels are treated on both faces with special brushes in order to emphasize the structure of the wood and then finished with a special UV matt finish which doesn't alter the feeling of the material.

Wood-U-Feel is soft to the touch but, at the same time, the pronounced structure of the wood creates an impression of power and character. This panel brings together genuineness and self respect.

Wood-U-Feel is also an environmentally friendly panel veneered with species selected for their character. Six trendy species which are ideal for structure: Oak Natural Crown Cut, Smoked Oak, Larch Natural, Smoked Larch, Knotty Pine and Olive Ash. Thanks to the industrial scale of its production, Wood-U-Feel makes structured panels affordable on every budget.

Like his companion Aranya, Wood-U-Feel is also supplied with a protective foil as well as with a programme of complementary structured lacquered edgings. Wood-U-Feel is also available in raw version, unlacquered, in order to leave you the choice of stain and finish.

Wood-U-Feel will please the lovers of character wood!