Bending an Oak is it possible?

Yes indeed, what even Jean de la Fontaine, French poetry writer, wouldn't have dreamed about, is now possible with Masterflex®.

Thanks to a special process that breaks down the cohesion between the fibres, the wood loses all stiffness and can then be made to follow any curved shape you wish.

But it can do much more than this: it can be handled without risk of tearing, it can be cut easily and glued using a simple contact adhesive.

Ideal for application to curved surface, for all delicate works, for all repair or renovation jobs, this product is highly popular and has seen sales grow exponentially over the past few years.

It is available from stock in a choice of over 20 species, please refer to the section Veneer. 

Masterflex® is available in standard dimensions, 2500x1220 mm and the veneer is of "architectural" grading. You will not need to spend time in chosing the perfect veneer or the way it is jointed: everything is taken care by us and this in a very professional way. 

Masterflex Pre-Glued

MASTERFLEX PRE GLUED is a self-adhesive Masterflex®, thanks to the addition of a backing impregnated with acrylic glue and protected with a film. It is best applied on a clean and smooth surface and simple to use.

Although Masterflex Pre Glued can be used on short radius curves, it is mostly applied on flat substrates for repairing. With Masterflex Pre Glued you easily add a wooden charm to your old fridge, a painted door or even a glass partition. Degrease the surface and remove any dust, apply Masterflex Pre Glued, sand it smoothly and varnish... it's as easy as that! Take your roll Masterflex Pre Glued under your arm and deliver a clean job on site in a minute!