For a couple of years, high-end projects are increasingly looking for very high-end solutions and products. For this reason Finaspan are now offering a range of veneered boards based on thick veneer: 1.5mm and 2.4 mm.

Advantages are countless:
  • you can brush a structure deeper into the veneer, 
  • you can router and groove them deeper, and 
  • when jointing two pieces together on an angle, the joints will be stronger.

Also, a thicker veneer lends itself more effectively should there be a need for minor repairs to be made to the face surface of the veneer. Finally, they will remain more stable over time: no cracks or splits because of sunlight or central heating.

In short, all the advantages of solid wood without the disadvantages!

In one word, these boards are made to last!

Finaspan has decided to re-group all these boards made with thick veneer under one brand name: Wood4Ever.

In the Wood4Ever collection, you will also find all our veneered boards with a special finish or rough look: rough sawn oak veneerd, brushed veneerd, or the authentic beam oak veneer. Those finishes and veneers are perfect options for the one who is looking for rugged and authentic materials.