Quality prefinishing to solve those spray shop delays

Where is the bottleneck in your production? What is it that slows everything down? All jobs can by-pass a bench or two in production, but all jobs have to go through the spray shop. Have you got a big enough team in the spray shop? Do you have the people with the right experience?

Does this sound familiar to you? 

Waves provides the solution. A pre-finished, high quality, ready for use lacquered board, creating time and doing away with all delays associated with finishing of materials.

Our high tech finishing line produces a premium quality lacquered finish with guaranteed colour stability.

Moisture resistance

Waves is produced using an MR core MDF, and an MR adhesive between core and face veneer. Veneers are finished with five layers of UV lacquer, thus making Waves the ideal product to use in most wet environment applications; kitchens, bathrooms etc.

Waves - a high quality, moisture resistant, high durability, veneered and pre finished board.

Fashion trends

A choice of five trendsetting colours answering the current trends in interior design. Your client will not only appreciate the nice colors but as well the waves movement present in the decor. The grain of the veneer, all in swirls and curves reaches out for images of the sea and Waves.

WAVES allows you to interpret the vision of your customer to the fullest.