General conditions of sale

1. Our general conditions of sale apply to all our offers and agreements. They take priority over the conditions of sale or purchase of our clients.

2. All our offers and price quotations are always without obligation. Undertakings entered into by our representatives or agents are only binding after these have been confirmed by us in writing. All our offers and undertakings are understood to refer to the usual commercial quality. Derogations must be specifically stipulated. Sales are always concluded at the rate of exchange and the prices of transport, customs, unloading and other costs applicable at the moment of acceptance. We reserve the right to increase our prices to the extent that these costs may increase.

3. The non-payment of a previous or a partial delivery entitles us to cancel the sale with no recourse on the part of the Buyer.

4. If the credit of the Buyer should deteriorate, we reserve the right, even after partial delivery of the goods, to demand from the Buyer suitable guarantees for the proper execution of the undertakings entered into. In the case where the actions of the Buyer are not satisfactory, we are entitled to cancel the order in full or in part.

5. We accept no penalty whatsoever for non-respect of the delivery dates, which are always indicated merely by way of information. All cases of force majeure are reserved in our favour and do not under any circumstances give the Buyer the right to cancel the purchase.

6. All goods are deemed to have been approved in our warehouses.

7. Transport of goods always takes place at the risks of the Buyer, even if they were sold carriage-paid. In the case of damage or complaint upon arrival of the goods, the Buyer must make a reservation with the carrier. This reservation must be recorded on the delivery note and the transport document. The return of a normally signed delivery note shall be presumed to indicate definitive acceptance of the goods.

8. A quantity of 10% less or more shall be permitted on the ordered quantities.

9. Every complaint concerning the quality of the goods must, in order to be valid, be in our possession in writing within 8 days of delivery. Furthermore, the Buyer is not permitted to delay payment of the delivered goods. Goods may only be returned following our prior authorisation.

10. In the case of a complaint, the goods may not be processed, but must be kept available for the Seller until the latter has been able to examine them. It must always be possible for us to investigate the original identity of the goods.

11. In the case of a complaint or quality defects recognised by us, our liability is limited to the simple replacement of the delivered goods recognised as defective. This does not apply to third parties except where this has been expressly agreed by us.

12. All our invoices are always payable in Boortmeerbeek on the agreed due date. We do not renounce this right by drawing a bill on the Buyer.

13. In the case of late payment, interest shall be charged automatically and without notice as from the due date. This is equal to the discount rate of the National Bank of Belgium for commercial documents increased by 3%. Furthermore, all unpaid invoices shall automatically and without notice be increased by 15% with a minimum of EUR 125.00,-.

14. The goods remain the property of the Seller as long as the purchase sum owed to the Seller by the Buyer has not been paid in full, even if the goods have been processed. Once the goods have been delivered, the Buyer bears all risks of loss and destruction.

15. Without prejudice to our right to address the Court of the domicile of the Buyer, the competent court shall be the Court of Leuven.