Coreboard and veneerspecie are the two most important components of a veneered board. 

In this section, you will have a full overview of all the available fineerspecies (on stock or not) in thin and thick veneer. Don't forget to take as well a look at the available coreboards (type, dimension, thickness, etc). 

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Which veneer specie can you choose?

When a cutsomer has to look for veneer, the conversation often falls silent for a moment at the entrance of the veneer department. "So much choice!" is a regular one-liner that we may hear.

In this chapter we show you the wonderful world of the available veneer species: you will find them in all colours and all types of grain.. Over one hundred and forty species are available, most of the time in two types of slicing which should satisfy the most demanding.

If you wish to dream while leafing through this range, let your imagination run free, but don't forget that all dreams have a price: before falling in love with a species that is unfamiliar to you, cast an eye on the little bank notes on the left hand side, which will give you some idea of the price of one specie relative to another.

One last word of advice: the species that you are about to discover in the following pages are nothing more than indicative samples. They must not, under any circumstances, be considered as a reference against which to compare the panels received.

Forewarned is forearmed, as they say...