References Projects

  • Theatre De Factorij

    Choice of the architect was to use American Walnut veneer, jointed in mixmatched, mixing quarters and crowns in order to bring life and mouvement to the environment. However, a coulour reference had been identified for the whole project to keep a homogene look. 

  • Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

    For the Music Chapel Queen Elisabeth, the choice was made for European Oak, Rift Cut, light colour and jointed in solid wood effect in order to match the serenity of the place.

  • De Zande Chapel

    Refitting of the chapel De Zande (Belgium) for a reading room, study room and fitness room for a youth community center.

  • Offices

    Some pictures of the interiorfitting of offices.

  • Catwalk Miu-miu

    The veneerboards of Finaspan are used for some very particular projects as for example the catwalk of Miu-miu for het wintercollection 2013.

  • Courthouse - Liège, Belgium

    In 2011 the Courthouse in Liège has been through major renovations. Finaspan supplied Oak veneered boards prefinished with a mat lacquer.

  • Youthcenter Kasterlee

    The youthcenter in Kasterlee has been renovated with veneerboards in Oak, bleached and lacquered.

  • Hotels

    The Avalon Hotel in Sweden has an interior filled with design furniture. Finaspan has supplied teak veneered boards for the lobby, breakfast room and rooms.

  • Stores

    Some pretigiuous brands have chosen for veneerboards from Finaspan to design the interior of their store, e.g. Bugatti and Winch.

  • Kitchens

    You will find in this sections pictures of private kitchens.


  • Yachts

    Please find some picture of yachts using veneered boards for their interior design.