What is veneer?

Veneer is very thin wood cut from a trunk. Veneer is much cheaper compared to solid wood when look to woodworking. Solid wood is directly cut into block with some scattered wood. On the opposite, as veneer is sliced or peeled in very thin layers, the trunk is almost completely used with very little waste. Veneer allows to cover an area 30 times larger than solid wood.


The veneerlayers are glued on a coreboard. Those boards can be used in different application: doors, boards used in interiorfitting (kitchens, bathrooms, offices, etc) or even for parquet flooring. Realisations based on veneer give the impression of solid wood but it is more accessible and more environmentally friendly.

Did you know that veneer is a technique more than thousands of year old. In Ancient Egypt, veneer was used to build furniture and sarcophagi while in the Renaissance, veneer was applied on expensive decorative items voor de socially high classes. The great discoveries brought new and rare veneer species to Europe but were exclusively reserved for the nobility and other prominent. Those called on furniture makers who brought woodworking to its peak.

The beauty of an unique character

Wood is a living material. Each tree has its own character. Like the human, each copy is unique. This means that all veneerboards are different from on another. Veneer can contain some inconsistencies. But let's consider that those build her personality and make of veneer a product full of charm and passion.

Structure, colour, knots, grain, pattern, all these elements give a unique character to each veneerboard. Trees tell stories that can be read from their building. These stories are then further transmitted in the veneerboards Finaspan produces.

During the production process, Finaspan ensures many details are looked at. The interplay of man and machine ensures optimal quality. Automation supports the human skill.

This creates a unique synergy between, man, wood and machinery. The result: veneered boards of optimal quality that respect the singular beauty and character of wood.

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