Who are we?

Finaspan is part of the Marien group, which was founded at the end of the 19th century by the Marien family, who, five generations later, are still running it.

Based in Belgium, it is one of the biggest independent producers of veneered boards with an annual output of more than 150.000 panels. Apart from the domestic home market; export markets, mainly in Europe, remain predominant with strong presence especially in the UK, France, Netherlands and Scandinavia.

The combination of expertise coupled with a wide choice of veneers - more than 120 species are readily available - guarantees the perfect answer to the customer's needs, ensuring very short production and delivery times.

While the traditional made to order veneered panels remain the cornerstone of our activity, we have recently developed the following high quality ready to use finished products:

Aranya® is a completely new concept in veneered MDF technology. It integrates innovative design opportunities to create a range of Oak and Walnut veneers offered in a range of colour stains. With certified legal and sustainable provenance and a guarantee of no formaldehyde emissions, Aranya is an offer in popular trend veneer species created to provide answers to all questions relating to aesthetics, character, practicality and the environment.

Wood-U-Feel® are real wood panels whose structure is emphasized thanks to a high technological process. The veneered panels are treated on both faces with special brushes in order to emphasize the structure of the wood and then finished with a special UV matt finish, which doesn't alter the feeling of the material.

Waves® is the moisture resistant version of the Aranya collection. A V-313 MDF veneered with Oak or Walnut, all in Crown Cut and stained in the same trendy colours.

The Masterflex® range of flexible veneer products is designed to enable skilled professionals to produce their owned bespoke veneered panels. Masterflex® is ideal for custom made inlaid work and for refurbishment and repair of existing work.

Wood-4-Ever® is a board covered with thick veneer that combines all the advantages of solid wood without the flaws.

With innovative quality products refined by a motivated and efficient team, Finaspan is the natural choice for all wood lovers.

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