Finaspan can offer you a complete solution for your projects with her acoustics boards range: FinAcoustics. 

The advantages : a nice unicity across your project as acoustics boards and regular veneered boards will have the same finish. Even if you need only acoustic boards, think about veneering them : the natural aspect of wood will bring a warm and classy touch to your project. 


Acoustic boards provide the simple yet important function of absorbing sound. You can think of them as acoustical black holes: they eliminate echo, reduce overal ambient noise in a room. In a couple of words, they make a large space more pleasant and allow everyon to benefit from a higher level of concentration. Acoustic boards can be used in offices, schools, concert halls, sports halls and catering spaces.


All our acoustic boards are foreseen with a black acoustic felt on the back of the boads. This felt helps with the sound absorption. 

Any veneer can be asked for acoustic boards. Our speciality is to work on demand : you name it and we produce it. However for projects with tight schedules, we do have microperforated sheets in Oak and Bamboo veneer on stock. 

We can also provide a UV lacquer finish on the acoustic boards. All you have to do is place those boards on site. 


Don't hesitate and have a look at all our possibilities.


FinAcoustics is available in 3 different patterns that will each give a special touch to your project. 

One of the main advantages of the PERFO Boards is the large variety of patterns that can be created. The size of the perforations and the distance between the perforations are the two main elements influencing the pattern.
PERFO boards can be used for wall cladding or for ceilings. 
Please find here below a couple of options with their acoustic performance:

Standard size of perforations are ø 5 or ø 8 mm. Other perforations sizes are possible upon request.

Various coreboards can be used for perforated acoustics boards : MDF, Black MDF, FR MDF, Birch Plywood, etc. 



When PERFO boards are used for wall paneling, they can be easily mounted on wooden rafters. For an optimal acoustic performance, an acoustic insulation such as glass wool or rock wool must be placed between the wall and the acoustic board. With 8 mm perforations, the perforations itself can be used to fix the boards with the suitable screws and dowes. 


LINE Acoustic panels are the best option when a contemporary look is requested. The grooves fulfill a dual function : they improve the acoustics of a room and they bring a minimalistic look to the project.

LINE boards can be used as wall cladding or as ceiling. Keep in mind that depending the use, one or other pattern will be recommended.

Various coreboards can be used for grooved acoustics boards : MDF, Black MDF, FR MDF, Birch Plywood, etc. 


Various coreboards can be used for perforated acoustics boards : MDF, Black MDF, FR MDF, Birch Plywood, etc.



For the installation of LINE Acoustic Boards do not forget to foresee an acoustic insulation such as rock wool or glass wool between the partition and the acoustic boards. Those are key for a good acoustic absorption. 

In both application, ceiling and wall paneling, the best system to fix the boards is a T24 system.
Other option for LINE boards as  wall paneling is to use wooden rafters. 
The boards will be connected together with a tongue-and-groove system. 

If none of the above options (PERFO or LINE) is good, you might turn yourself towards the MICRO-NANO boards.
Those boards offer 2 advantages : microperforations become invisible from a particular distance and the acoustic performance is even better than with standard perforation (30 to 40% better).

The weighted absorption coefficient (aw) will be around 0,8 - 0,85 and the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) will be around 0,85 - 0,90. These good results are obtained thanks to 2 elements : the microperforations foreseen in the veneersheet itself and the underlying perforations foreseen in the coreboard.