Bamboo Kaki Plain pr

Botanical name

Phyllostachys Edulis



Veneer thickness(es)

0,6 mm

Joint method



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Bamboo is not a wood but a plant. 
Its veneer originates in the stems of plants. 


Bamboo veneer is made by "cutting" veneer sheets from a bamboo block. As it is very thin and fragile, a (cellulose) veil is applied to the back. This allows it to be easily pressed onto any surface and used in all kinds of applications in the interior design and furniture sectors.


Applications: floors, furniture, terraces, worktops, doors and frames, etc.

The dark colour is obtained by steaming the veneer. 


What does "plain pr" mean? 

The strips are placed horizontally next to each other and glued together. This creates a pattern of wide lines in which the characteristic bamboo points are clearly visible.