Botanical name

Milicia excelsa


Tropical Africa

Veneer thickness(es)

0.6 mm

Joint method



In stock


Quarter cut


Price range 2


This one can reach a height of 60 m (average 50 m) under favourable conditions, with a log, often straight and cylindrical, of 15-28 m, diameter 0.75-1.0 m, maximum 2.5 m.


The heartwood of the freshly sawn wood is butter yellow to brownish yellow, with occasional dark brown areas, approaching golden brown to dark brown. The light-coloured sapwood is 50-100 mm wide and clearly distinguishable from the heartwood. Due to the occurrence of grain defects and reaction wood, deformations can occur even after drying. A typical feature of iroko is that the quality of the wood can vary considerably between the batches supplied.  The logs sometimes contain very hard chalky substances, which can be present as heavy chalk and considerably impair the processing.


Iroko is a strong and very durable wood species that does not require much processing. The wood is therefore suitable for many uses, both indoors and outdoors. For example, frames, windows, doors, facade cladding, parquet flooring, interior cladding, stairs, steps, furniture, laboratory tables, etc.