Botanical name

Aucoumea klaineana Pierre


Gabon, Guinea and Congo

Veneer thickness(es)

0.4 mm

Joint method


In stock


Rotary cut


Price range 1


Gaboon are fairly cylindrical trees and have an average height of 30-40(-60) m. The branch-free trunk is 10-15 m long. The diameter of the trunks varies, according to age, from (0.60-)0.8-1.1(-2.0) m.


The heartwood can vary in color from light grayish pink to reddish brown. The color depends on the type of soil on which the tree grows. The sapwood is grayish-white and 20-50 mm wide. The texture is usually uniform. 


Mainly applied for peeling veneer and plywood manufacture. As plywood, it is applied in furniture manufacture (back walls of cabinets, etc.), interior doors, interior paneling, facade panels.

For veneered boards, Gaboon is mainly used on the back of boards, when the veneer should not be visible.