Pine silver

Botanical name

Picea abies


Europe and North Asia

Veneer thickness(es)

0,6 - 1,5 - 2,4mm

Joint method


Random matched


In stock


Crown cut


Quarter cut


Price range 2


Pine Silver is very light in colour, whitish to cream. The grain is fine on the slow-growing woods of the north or mountainous regions, and coarser on the fast-growing woods of the lowlands. When the log is sliced on quarter, it gives a striped pattern. When it is sliced in crowns, it gives a flame pattern. Pine Silver contains so-called resin pockets, spaces in the wood filled with resin that can leak out after being sawn. 


The trees have an average height of 35 m. The cylindrical log is straight and about 20 m long, with a diameter of 0.6-1.2(-1.8) m.


Pine Silver can be used for many purposes. Due to the natural durability of this tree, for some applications, treatment with a preservative can extend its life considerably.

Pine Silver is used: in construction for load-bearing structures, packaging, furniture, plywood, fence posts, etc.