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H. G. WELLS wouldn’t have dreamed about this: veneer made as flexible as willow.
Masterflex® is the result of new technology applied to veneer. Thanks to a special treatment, the cohesion between fibres is broken, the stiffness of wood has vanished and the veneer can follow all the curves that you may wish.


Masterflex is however more than just a veneer : the paper substrate is forming a perfect barrier between finishing products and adhesives and It can be easily bounded with a contact glue. It also adds additional strength to the veneer sheet and it can be easily manipulated without tearing the sheet apart. 


Ideal for curved surfaces, for all delicate work, for reparation or even to be bounded on doors, this product offers you many possibilities. 

Masterflex veneers are available in 3 sizes : 2500 x 1220 mm, 3050 x 1220 mm and 3050 x 1300mm.

Bear in mind that depending on the size, the bend radius will be different : 

Masterflexes 2500 x 1220 mm have a bend radius of 100mm. Masterflexes in 3050 x 1220 mm or 3050 x 1300 mm have a bend radius of 200 mm. 



The product is available in 30 different species from our stock and in most others on request, within a short period.

Have a look at our veneer mosaic. Logo will appear next to the veneer specie we have on stock.


Curved Surfaces
The first application that comes to mind is of course laminating Masterflex on curved surfaces. This way new possibilities are offered to the architects who will be able to let their creativity work freely.
Flat Surfaces
On first consideration, this may seem a superfluous luxury. However in many cases Masterflex can appear as the miraculous solution: renovation, reparation on site of furniture or shopfitting which may have been damaged during transport. No need to dismantle the pieces with heavy costs : a precise cut of a Masterflex sheet followed by sound laminating and appropriate finish and the trick is done.
Interior Fitting
VIP desks, boad rooms, high class restaurants and other demanding appliations will find in Masterflex a first class partner: while combining flat and curved surfaces it will be possible to keep the same pattern across one room.
Wall panelling
Classical panelling is made of a central panel fitted in a hardwood frame or laminated on a backpanel. In both cases it will now be possible to keep the same wood structure and ensure its continuity across all the elements of the panelling.
Lamps and lights
Masterflex is the ideal product for the artist who wants to let his imagination run free. Thanks to the broken fibers of the veneer, Masterflex can be bent in almost any direction.