Pine Baltic

Botanical name

Abies alba


Central and Northern Europe

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Random matched


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Quarter cut


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The logs are 30-45 metres high and 0.4-0.9 metres in diameter. 


Colour white to greyish white with sometimes a purplish glow. There is no difference in colour between the heartwood and the sapwood. The heartwood is light pink and becomes more marked with age. The acorns, usually round, are very hard, sometimes loose and often have a brown-black colour. Sometimes slightly darker (light brown) bands are visible in the wood. This is due to the presence of pressure wood (reaction wood), which is a natural defect. The presence of pressure wood can make the wood brittle. With sliced in crowns wood, this creates an attractive flame pattern, while sliced on quarter wood has a clear stripe pattern. Norwegian pine is available in 0.6 mm.


European pine is used in construction for interior frames, windows, doors, interior and exterior panelling and beams. In shipbuilding, for skin planking, masts, oars and rafters. In hydraulic engineering, such as jetty bridges, pile timber, sheet piling and purlins. Pine with narrow growth rings is used for furniture. Other applications include sleepers, mine timber, pallets, boxes and crates, etc.